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Re: 95 ALIVE sent you a new message

Answers-..... 1)-Let's see...the development of putting together an urban multi-genre internet radio station, came from my brother DJ Harvey Harv (Javier Rosario) & myself through conversation. He became our station's DJ (until he lost his battle to cancer in February) & I became the host. I had a co-host until recently (Jo Jo aka Joannie Acevedo), My daughter Madison helps as a consultant & Joe Lopez in Marketing. Many others contribute in the success of 95AliveFM. 2)-It did not start off as a career but actually a hobby and a platform for music ...through time and the climb of listeners it became a career. A major informative platform for factual news, sports, interviews, & music. When we started receiving huge numbers globally I knew we had something special. 3)-Since 2021 & prior I was the assistant editor for Unidos Magazine. I have co-hosted on several other stations on & off as well like on "The Cafe Con Leche" radio show hosted by Marcela Olivar. 4)-That connection you get with the listener, also being able to inform and generate an audience that became a part of the station...feels like you are talking to family. 5)-That is what separates us from any other station period. We are a multi-genre station(mainly focus on urban music). It depends on what topic we cover & specific broadcast. We cover dance, freestyle, electro, house, classic hip-hop, r & b, 80's pop, 90's hits, new jack swing, rock, soft rock, hip hop, jazz, funk, salsa, motown, etc....we try to keep it urban and reach vast listeners 6)-I intake information & do my homework much more diligently now. I am hired as a guest speaker much more frequently & I have learned to communicate better with people from all walks of life. I love cultures, different religious backgrounds, geographics & ethnicities. I enjoy and view the glass half full rather than half empty. 7)-I was lucky to have worked at Unidos Magazine(big ups to the creator & founder Rio Lopez) which allowed me to edit & re-write. observation & knowledge of current affairs is very important, knowing history, people, politics, cultures, & a great memory helps. When I prepare a full itinerary idea for a broadcast, I make sure that the facts behind that story and show fits the merit of what I am going to talk about. you must always be prepared for the unexpected and think fast to avoid chaos. I was blessed with the gift of gab & my radio voice was God gifted as well so it all worked for me. Think of writing a radio program as a grocery list with specifics on the side and you'll be just fine. 8)-I have been blessed to have had a history of building friendships with some of the most interesting people in the world. friendships that have helped and interviews that I have come across are incredible Carly Simon, Madeline Kahn, Al Pacino, Charles Bronson, Lynn Whitfield, Wayne Gretsky, Harry Belafonte, Lisa Lisa, Angelo Del Toro, Tito Puente Jr., Boriqua Posse, Peter Fontaine, Chico Mendez, Victer"Glyde"Alicea, Diamond Boy Luis, Steven Tyler, Monique Rivera, Giggles, Justine Marerro, Corina, Arthur"Sugar Bear"Aiken, Brother Makes3, Nas T Boyz, Frank"The Hat", Soundboy Cartegena, Arlene(formerly of Leather & Lace), Coro, Roberto Rodriguez, Joey Kidd, Wilhelmina Sparrow, Bill Cosby, Dolph Lundgren, Freeze Artistik, Willie Randolph, Don King, Teri Garr, Angel Salazar, Brett Butler, hector Camacho Jr etc..... I have truly been blessed. 9)-Good question!!..well times have changed & I know that eventually we must change with today's technology, we want to keep 95AliveFM traditional but know that at some point we will begin to do lives, podcasts, & facetime interviews but for now I keep fighting with the concept of "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" mentality ....traditional seems to work. 10)-I've been doing it for so long it seems to come natural but if you are starting off as I did once, I would ask around or search for new trends, fashion, latest news, talk to people. I have learned that radio is no different than any social skill & if you just learn to be yourself it will come automatically. 11)-When we market prior to broadcast on social media & we watch the results several days before broadcast. How we are received through reels, facebook, Instagram, Stories, google etc., lets us know that the numbers will be big. 12)-We normally prep up two hours before broadcast. many segments & interviews are pre-recorded to make editing much easier and organized. It minimizes troubleshooting. 13)-We use the Rodecaster Pro and have very knowable people that help keep the technical side easy(we have had two feedback problems in 3 years...not bad!!). 14)-Social Media & Merchandizing 15)-Be diverse & yourself plus is my humor(find your edge and apply it), we enjoy keeping our format traditional which may not work for you but when you find it, stick to it. 16)-We are on the Internet stage of the radio industry(the call it podcasting now)..many listeners have changed over time...I'd like to say that 95AliveFM is the art deco of music and radio today,,...many want to keep it that way. 17)-Diversity of genre and our guests. 18)- finding the right music to fall in line with the topic of a broadcast 19-20)-Having a microphone & knowing that you are reaching the masses with the power of what you are saying. When you are talking into that mic. you are reaching untouched ears around the globe. 21)-I attended Baruch College in N.Y.C. & studied Industrial Psychology as well as Sociology, but the streets were my playground and it was the streets that became my greatest study of music & dance. I started street dancing/B-Boy back in 1977(my first year back in NYC from North Philly), you could say I was a pioneer B-Boy dancer...what we call today a break dancer and experiencing an art urban art form that would become my signature rise in the early 80s within my community. I managed by 19 years old three groups in music by the late 80s (Latin Hip Hop which would become Dance/Freestyle Music) 'Love & Desire", "Stop, Look, & Listen" & "Love 4 Now"...which two became dancers for major artists, one became a lead singer for a band that were signed to a major label and another sings commercial jingles today. I have worked for two magazines Latino from 1990-91 and Unidos Magazine from 2010-13. Co-hosted on several radio programs. In 2010 I founded "The Freestyle OldTimer's Day & Cancer Awareness Annual Event" in East Harlem NY. I have hosted this event with some of the biggest names in the business that annually come down and support us in the fight against cancer in our urban communities. I have been awarded "The Humanitarian 2017 Award" & "The Appreciation 2023 Award" for my fight against cancer(thank you Powerhouse Bombshells & Captain A for the fantastic and heartfelt acknowledgment & love). Today 95AliveFM will be on it's third year & has done extremely well as an Internet Radio Station. 22)-I may have answered this question with previous one-lol 23)-When I was growing up in NYC (East Harlem) we had 4 major urban radio stations that gave us a little of everything in the 70s, 80s & 90s. 92KTU(Disco 92) played disco and urban music, 98.7Kissfm played Hip Hop, Dance, New Jack Swing, etc... Z100 played Pop, Electro, New Wave etc.... & WBLS played classic hip hop, reggae, funk, & R&B .....I'd like to say that 95AliveFM is a little of each one of these stations rolled up into one. 24)-I produce 90% of my shows with two major sponsors "Taste Of Puerto Rico" & "Gutters Unlimited". 25)-Creator, Founder, & Host ....95AliveFM is my baby!!!! We average 260,000 listeners per broadcast. in closing I would like to truly thank you for this article and journey it truly was amazing & memorable- Host Johnny B

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