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John Rosario aka Johnny B is a native New Yorker who's parents moved to Philadelphia when he was three, they returned to New York when he was nine ever so giving him the youth of two urban cities and it would be his birthplace and teen years of life in NYC that would generate the character & personality that you hear on the air. An urban hip hop pioneer of dance & city life would become the driving force that would bring him head to head with many of the great, iconic legends in the entertainment, political, & corporate field during the 80s,90s,00s & today(Carly Simon, Steven Tyler, Charles Bronson, Jackie Mason, Lisa Lisa, Rhea Pearlman, Planet Patrol, Roberto Rodriguez, Adam Clayton Powell Jr, Hector Camacho, Marcela Olivar, Arlene Colon Doroc, Al Bandiero, Kool Herc, Marc Anthony, Corina, The Real Roxanne, Al B Sure, Kool Moe D, Angelo Del Toro, Wayne Gretzky, Willie Randolph, Fearless Four,  Ruben Sierra, Tito Puente Jr, Strafe Standard, Lynn Whitfield, Dolph Lundgren, Al Pacino, Diana Ayala, Madeline Kahn, Teri Garr, Brother Makes 3 just to name a few LOL). being the co founder(with his brother Javier Rosario) of the Freestyle OTD Reunion & Annual Cancer Event in the city as well as collaborating with house music man/radio personality.. DJ Rio Lopez on Internet Magazine Unidos for a few years, he now is bringing you another delighted journey with his brother Javier on 95 Alive Internet Radio >>>COME JOIN THE FUN!!!!  

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Javier Rosario aka DJ Harvey Harv is the older brother of 95 Alive host Johnny B, who at an early age took on a musical path slightly different than his younger brother, he would be influenced by his DJ music journey and set his personal mark during the discos he frequented in the 70s(Roseland,Studio 54,Latin Quarter,Copacabana, Paradise Garage, Palladium to name some) thus becoming a student of sound & tempo. He became fascinated by the disc jockey, it's popularity & attention that the power of continuous music had, "I truly wanted to understand how blending two vinyl records that kept people dancing worked". He became influenced by the very few who mastered the art and became the icons they are today(John "JellyBean" Benitez, DJ Richie Kaczor,  Kool Herc, Disco Mario, Frankie Knuckles, DJ Hollywood, DJ Larry Levan, Spector Sunshine, The Grand Wizard Theodore, DJ Siano, DJ Black Cloud,   etc.). It was in the late 70s that a locally known Dj(Black Cloud) would take him under his wing introducing him to the dj music spotlight & like Morales & Knuckles, would learn the beat blend fading of the now famous father of DJing Francis Grasso.  He would guest DJ at the local club level and become known throughout East Harlem. He would later be a resident DJ at the Lions Cave, Tony's Club, The Geisha, La Oasis, Escalon 22. He would set foot on music forever, respected as one of the pioneers of the cross fader Disco DJ era of the 70s & 80s, he would also apply it to the Hip Hop as well as the House/Dance music genre. Today he still relies on the old school Technics & is known to have developed(while DJing) the double beat flow on iconic records like "Dance To The Drummers Beat", "Ring My Bell", "Freedom", "Let The Music Play", "Cheap Thrills" & "Set It Off". As the popularity & growth of this art expanded he would witness over time the many that would perfect the craft and solidify a legendary name for themselves, going from local level to nationwide fame from New York.(DJ Cazz, Todd Terry, DJ Enuff, Jam Master Jay, Lil Louie Vega, Grand Master Flash,  DJ Ted Smooth, Frankie Cutlass, Double R, John "Gungie" Rivera, DJ Smiley, Serrano, Kid Capri, Cut Creator, DJ A.J., Vargas, DJ Ponce, Kool Mike Ski, DJ Lucho, Ralphie Boy) the many legends that perfected this art of music mixing. They are the teachers of todays young internet DJs, who will carry the art into tomorrow. "Much has changed since those early days but the music keeps on playing"!!!!-DJ Harvey Harv


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